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Do I have a sleep disorder? Do I need a sleep study?

For those who are consistently having trouble falling asleep, or constantly waking up, or have a partner complaining about snoring – we recommend you discuss with your doctor.

If they suspect a problem, the next step is to book you in for a sleep study at our Calgary sleep clinic.

How a MRG Sleep Test Can Help

If you suspect that you have a sleep disorder, you will need to be monitored while you sleep. This typically involves an overnight visit to a sleep clinic. Maple Respiratory Group is one of Calgary’s premier sleep clinics and is known for conducting accurate and reliable sleep tests.


You’ll feel more like a guest than a patient. We want to make your visit comfortable and restful.


Our Sleep Specialists will review and interpret the sleep study data to assess if you have a sleep disorder.


We will share our diagnosis and treatment options with your family doctor.

Are you losing sleep over losing sleep?
Download our referral form.

Bring it to your family doctor to fill-in prior to booking an appointment at Maple Respiratory Group’s Calgary sleep lab.