3rd Party HSAT Data Review & Interpretation

Maple Respiratory Group (MRG) is accredited to provide independent, confidential HSAT data review and interpretation to physicians and clinics. Our HSAT accreditation services meet the College of Physicians and Surgeons Accreditation guidelines.

Reviewing HSAT Data

  • MRG offers scoring of your HSAT raw data. This is done by our team of RPSGTs with over 50 years of combined experience.
  • This service offers your company quality service, with a non-conflict of interest for the results to support audits by insurance companies and accreditation boards.
  • We also provide you with Inter-scoring reliability of studies.

Interpretations Of HSAT Data

Our team of HSAT Interpreters are all Provincially Accredited physicians (CPSA/CPSBC). Some are also AASM Board Certified Sleep physicians. MRG offers a quick turn-around with quality interpretations.

Trust Your HSAT Accreditation Services to the Professionals at MRG.