A Calgary Pediatric Sleep Clinic That Puts Children First

Does your child have a sleep disorder?

As a parent, you know what can happen when you or your child doesn’t get enough sleep. It can affect everyone’s mood, behaviour, memory, and physical and mental well-being.

Often sleep disorders are overlooked, or misdiagnosed. There are over 20 sleep disorders that can affect children. Signs can range from getting too much sleep, inadequate sleep, restless sleep, an inability to focus… the list goes on. It is important to talk to a doctor and get to a Calgary pediatric sleep clinic in order to have a sleep test done.

Having a child with a sleep problem is a family affair.

A Pediatric Sleep Clinic With a History of Expertise

Since 2011, Maple Respiratory Group’s Pediatric Sleep Clinic has provided comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children of all ages: from newborns to teens.

  • Our staff includes a certified pediatric sleep specialist/respirologist.
  • We conduct screening for all major sleep disorders.
  • We provide specialized overnight testing in our comfortable, secure, state-of-the-art overnight sleep lab, using an evaluative test called polysomnography.

Polysomnography – PSG (Level 1 Testing)

PSG is an overnight sleep study that occurs in a sleep laboratory and is the gold standard of sleep diagnostics. This test is used to measure a variety of sleep disorders, and is available for patients of all ages. Based on our findings, our Board-certified Sleep Specialists will recommend a treatment strategy to your referring doctor who will discuss options with you.

Are You Getting The Proper Amount of Sleep?

Use the sleep slider to see your recommended hours of sleep.
  1. Newborns
    0-3 months
  2. Infants
    4-11 months
  3. Toddlers
    1-2 years
  4. Pre-School
    3-5 years
  5. School Age
    6-13 years
  6. Teens
    14 - 17 years
  7. Adults
    18-64 years
  8. Seniors
    65+ years


Hours Recommended

The BEARS Necessities

Another way to tell if your child is getting the required amount of sleep is by answering the BEARS questionnaire. Why “BEARS”? For one, bears are renowned for their sleeping abilities during hibernation. And two, it is a helpful acronym for the following:

Does my child have trouble going to bed or trouble falling asleep?

Yes or No

Is it difficult to wake my child in the morning?
Does my child seem sleepy or groggy during the day?
Does my child often seem tired during the day? (in children, tired may mean moody, hyperactive, “out-of-it”, as well as sleepy)

Yes or No

Does my child wake up during the night and have trouble going back to sleep?
Is anything else interrupting my child’s sleep?

Yes or No

How many hours of sleep does my child need at this age?
What time does my child go to bed and get up on weekdays? On weekends?
Does this allow my child to get enough sleep every day?

Yes or No

Does my child snore? Loudly? Every Night?
Does my child stop breathing, gasp, or choke during sleep?

Yes or No

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your child may have a sleep problem that should be discussed with your pediatrician or Family Doctor.

Download a Printable BEARS Questionnaire

We encourage you to write down your answers and share them with your family doctor – and the pediatric sleep specialist at Maple Respiratory Group’s Pediatric Sleep Clinic. It will help us in our diagnosis.

Are Your Losing Sleep Over Losing Sleep?

Download our referral form for your family doctor to fill-in prior to booking an appointment at Maple Respiratory Group’s Calgary sleep clinic.